2014    Main Fire Station Leopoldstadt, Vienna 2 district, 1st Prize

2014    General Planner Contest Extension to Intensive Care Unit LKH Feldbach, 1st Prize

2013    Competition College of Teacher Education, Vienna 10 district, Ettenreichgasse

2012    Negotiation procedure, Training Centre MA 68, 1st Prize

2012    Education Campus, Vienna 22 district, aspern Vienna's Urban Lakeside

2012    Negotiation procedure, CPR Türnitz, 1st Prize

2011    Competition ASKÖ Linz

2011    Competition new construction Liese Prokop School, Maria Enzersdorf

2011    Competition Centre for Special Education Innsbruck

2010    Contest Extension and Functional redevelopment of the Bundesgymnasium (BG) and
Bundesrealgymnasium (BRG), Krems on the Danube N. Ö.

2010    Competition Addition LKH Wagna Extension, 1st Prize

2010    Competition Extension ICU LKH, Bruck an der Mur

2010    Competition new reconstruction Institution for Detention and Deportation,Vordernberg

2009    Competition College of Teacher Education, Baden N. Ö.

2009    Competition Extension of Landespolizeikommando Steiermark Graz

2009    Competition Addition BG BRG Diefenbachgasse, 2nd Prize

2009    Competition Extension of the Commercial College and Commercial School
(BHAK and BHAS) Vienna 22 district, Polgarstraße

2008    Competition LKH Feldbach - Increase in Neurology

2008    Competition Educational Establishment North Station Gertrude-Fröhlich-Sandner, 1st Prize

2007    Competition new construction West - LKH Villach

2005    Competition new construction HBLA WELS

2005    Competion School and Cultural Centre of Feldkirchen an der Donau, 2nd Prize

2005    Competition Rescue station Mariahilf with Amtshaus, 1st Prize

2005    Competition new construction Nursery and building yard of the HBLFA Schönbrunn

2004    Competition Study Hetzgasse BIG

2004    Kallco Idea-finding Competition Sechshauserstrasse 31-33

2004    Competition HFW Leopoldstadt Vienna 2nd district, 1st Prize

2004    Competition Chamber of Labour Vienna, 2nd stage

2003    Competition Museum of the 20th century., 2nd stage

2003    Competition LKH Wolfsberg, Purchase

2003    Competition District Court Traun, 3rd Prize

2002    Competition extension Wiener Stadthalle, 2nd stage

2002    Competition extension BHAK/BHAS and HBLA Steyr

2002    Competition Primary School Wienerberg City

2002    Competition HBLA/HTBLA Braunau: 1st prize

2001    Competition Special school Schwechat

2000    Competition University Sports Centre III

2000   Competition Catalogue holdings of the Vienna University Library:
1st Prize (G.Kaufmann / O.Kaufmann;) Project management M.Wanas)

2000    Competition Kunsthaus Graz

2000    Competition State Hospital Rottenmann: 1st Prize

1999    Competition Rescue Headquarters Radetzkystraße