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LKH Wagna

Design principles

The new building is designed as a free-standing structure adjacent to its architectural surroundings and a park. The longitudinal facades are orthogonal and parallel to the beds and the administrative wing.  An independent, pavillion effect of the building is achieved on one hand.  The patient rooms have visual views to the park creating balance and harmony.

Formally deposed from the ground floor, the two upper floors gain a light, floating effect.
In the direction of the park the ground floor returns back to dovetail the building with the surrounding green area with covered spaces. Park side terraces will be offered also in the upper floors.

The architectural language of the new component is the manifestation of simple appearance and  reserved perspective. Continuous ribbon windows allow to arrange room partitions as desired. Individual portions are accentuated by additional upper and lower lights. The clear compact layout optimizes the internal development and allows optimal access to guided networks in the individual functional areas.  The green atrium, as well as building breakthroughs ensure the natural light and spatial layout of the foyer and adjoining areas. The colour scheme and the use of appropriate works of art contribute to the modern, human atmosphere in the interior of the building.


Contracting Authority

EU wide competition

1st prize 2010