Universitätsbibliothek Wien Universitätsbibliothek Wien

Vienna University Library

Design principles

The structural change aims to extend the Vienna University Library, using the existing space and  resources of the University. There is additional space in existing rooms in the basement consisting of compact open stacks.  Also in the half-down-level, a new ring-side-oriented main lending desk is proposed.  A new book storage area will be built under the main lending desk.  

The existing K2 - stack in the half-down-level will be transformed into the reading/research area. In addition, the new book stacks are equipped with a modern book conveyor, which engages the future lending desk and reading/research areas.

The new main lending desk is directly located at the Ringstraße accessible through a side courtyard barrier-free.  This courtyard will consist of natural stone pavements and  a glass canopy for seating.  Additionally appropriate lighting in an attractive form will be designed.

The user friendly location is achieved through the use and conversion of the currently existing gym area. The architectural design of the main lending area is carried out by modern installations, transparent entrance portals and vestibule under preservation of the historic building.

The existing iron trusses will be with covered with a fire protective coating.  The design elements are visible. The required acoustic ceiling panels are attached in the intermediate fields.  The public user area will consist of a functional stone floor. The rooms for the library lockers are marked architecturally by the historic vaults. The staff offices (back offices) for the library are situated in the existing premises of the spaces situated toward the ring side.  The main lending desk will include a new staircase and a lift vertically connects with the new stacks in the basement.

Contracting Authority

BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.