Ausbildungszentrum der Wien Ausbildungszentrum der Wien Ausbildungszentrum der Wien

The Vienna Fire Department Training Center Florisdorf

Design Principles

The preliminary draft foresees an increase in lightweight construction of the abandoned vehicle repair workshop of HFW Floridsdorf.  The new training centre of MA 68 will be for approximately 120 trainees and 20 trainers. Teaching and seminar rooms as well as a lecture hall for 225 people and a dining room with adjoining rooms are anticipated.  

The new training centre will have its own new entrance in the area of the abandoned boat workshop including an attractive foyer with reception and a new staircase with elevator.  The barrier-free access is replaced by the new elevator system. Also a new mezzanine is added into this existing component. The dressing rooms and a separate fitness area are located there.

Due to the increased areas, additional alcoves will be planned.  The seminar rooms allow an opening of the doors in the direction of escape without limiting the necessary escape route. The aisle receives window openings with views to the outside and natural lighting in the form of skylights on both ends.
The desired divisibility and variability in the use of classrooms is achieved by folding in the ceiling, flexible partitions. Dining room and lecture room receive an upstream, covered roof terrace and a correspondingly larger amount of space. The new Hauptstiegenhaus is a joint in the connection of the teaching Hall tract with dining room and lecture room.

The lightweight is used formally by the existing solid construction and readable as a stand-alone component. The light construction of the new educational component is proposed in timber construction, it with regard to sustainability, cost and construction process represents the most efficient solution. The arrangement of continuous wall panels in both axis directions renounced can be on the training of rigid connections, achieving a reduction of the statically necessary wood cross section.

An overhanging porch on the South and west sides together with an external, active sunscreen protects from summer overheating. To achieve the low energy standard, a controlled and ventilation system with heat recovery is intended, which is suitable also for the "freecooling".
The existing and no longer needed car repair Hall is used in the future as a practice hall with various installations for training purposes and divided into 3 sections by means of separating curtains. The existing shop boxes are also adapted for training purposes.
In addition a new waste space in close proximity to the existing driveway.
On a part of the existing Sports Center, pitches as well as a fire training ground with liquefied petroleum gas supply be built 28 cars.


City of Vienna represented by municipal Department 19

EU-wide negotiating process

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